Jonathan Tran

Jonathan Tran (Ph.D., Duke University) is Associate Professor of Religion at Baylor University where he holds the George W. Baines Chair in Religion. His research focuses on philosophical theology and theological ethics, specifically related to the political implications of the human life in words. He is contributing editor for Christian Century, review editor for Marginalia Review of Books, and series editor for Stanford University Press’s “Encountering Traditions” series. At Baylor, he served as Faculty Steward of the Honors Residential College and is recipient of the Collins Outstanding Professor Ward.

Forming Humans who Liberate Others

Yale’s Jennifer Herdt joins the Liberation Channel to talk about her recent book Forming Humanity. She and Jonathan Tran discuss the relationship...

Educating for Intellectual Resistance

Baylor’s Jonathan Tran interviews Yale’s Willie James Jennings about his new book After Whiteness: An Education in Belonging (Eerdmans, 2020). Jennings writes in...