Why the Liberal Arts? Enduring Ideas in a Changing World

In this webinar hosted by The King’s College, Dr. Joe Lonconte spoke on the history of higher education, Dr. Jessica Hooten Wilson spoke on the goodness, truth, and beauty of teaching the Classics, and Dr. Zena Hitz spoke on the usefulness of “useless” arts during a pandemic and beyond. Dr. Josh Kinlaw then moderated the ensuing Q&A, which included discussions about the positive influence of classical learning on society.

In Dr. Hitz’s words, “Intellectual life, learning for its own sake, isn’t just the sort of crowning of all achievements… it’s also a refuge when we lose everything else – in failure, in imprisonment, in circumstances of terrible oppression, in decline, in despair of any kind, the liberal arts are there for us, in a way that nothing else is, apart from art, or music, or worship, or our love for one another.”

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