Beyond the Classroom: What is the Role of Print Journals in Cultivating Wisdom?

2020 has exacerbated longstanding pressures facing many institutions dedicated to liberal arts formation: ongoing technological developments, economic shifts, and political divisions have been intensified by the events of this year. The Liberating Arts has focused on how institutions of higher education might respond to these realities, but many magazines are seeking related paths forward as they seek to foster humane, liberating conversations. We invited editors at three periodicals—Comment Magazine, The Hedgehog Review, and Plough Quarterly—to dialogue with Jeff Bilbro about their perspectives on these questions. B.D. McClay, Peter Mommsen, and Anne Snyder discuss how they seek to shape thoughtful conversations in an age where crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic and social injustice more often elicit soundbites, clickbait, and memes.

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