Book Publication and Launch Event

The book that represents the culmination of these conversations officially publishes today! Thanks to all of those who contributed essays to the book, and also to all those who engaged us in dialogue over these past three years and helped us to think about the nature and value of liberal arts education.

Next month, on the evening of September 28, our publisher Plough is hosting a book launch event in New York City. All who can attend are welcome. Roosevelt Mont├ís will be discussing the book with Zena Hitz, Jonathan Tran and Jessica Hooten Wilson. Co-editors Davey Henreckson and Jeff Bilbro will also be there, and we hope this is just one of many such conversations that this book prompts. Indeed, we’ve already heard from a handful of colleges, secondary schools, and other institutions that are using this book for faculty workshops and student reading groups this fall. May these conversations bear fruit in the lives of many people who are able to participate in a truly liberating education.

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