Befriending Books: On Reading and Thinking with Alan Jacobs and Zena Hitz

Over at Mere Orthodoxy, Brad East reviews new books by Alan Jacobs and Zena Hitz:

You cannot think for yourself. You can only think with others. For thinking is irreducibly social: it is a conjoined activity, the sort of thing the human animal does with her fellows. Platitudes about critical thinking and thinking for oneself are little more than mantras designed to substitute one cadre in the enterprise of thought for another. Don’t think like them, think like us; which is to say, think with us instead of them. The impulse, though cloaked in the rhetoric of individualism, understands the stakes, and so the exhortation has the right idea. Much rides on whom you think with. The circle of reasoners into which you are born, in which you find yourself, into which, perhaps, you insert yourself, makes all the difference.

You can read the rest here.

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